Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador for a one time $25 fee!

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors are some of the most valued members of our team. These individuals live by the principles of our company, exemplifying them not just in their job, but in their everyday life. Ambassadors can find success not just in the workplace, but in life in general—and you can become one.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Ambassador?

Ambassadors enjoy a number of different, unique privileges. There are plenty of growth opportunities for ambassadors—and, in fact, you can start up a business for just $600. Becoming an ambassador provides you with a significant amount of financial freedom and affords you the opportunity to find a fulfilling job.

When you first become an ambassador, you will not only be eligible to attend all events covered by the company, but will also earn a trip to Europe for two. Further distinctions—gold, platinum, diamond, and crown—come with further perks as you rise through the company rankings.

Start Your Journey

Every ambassador starts at the same place: distributor. Becoming a distributor is a simple process; simply call us today, let us know of your interest, and we can walk you through how to become one. Start your journey towards success by getting in contact with DNA Candy Crew.
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